Information in dementia care

Date added: May 29, 2014
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Authors: EvaJoanna Alexjuk

Providing information is a core focus of policy and practice in dementia care. Information is a vehicle through which people can be enabled or disabled, so it is essential that we ensure that information is available in a way that is accessible and relevant for people with dementia and that it enables personal aspiration and collective identity to be advanced in a way that is to the benefit of those living with dementia. People with dementia need information to support autonomy in making decisions and in acting on those decisions. Information must be provided in a way that is appropriate to the individual and to achieve that requires knowledge of the needs of that individual.

Clarke CL, Alexjuk J and Gibb CE (2011). Information in dementia care: Sense making and a public health direction for the UK? International Journal of Older People Nursing 6(3). pp. 237-243.

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