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Posted: November 17, 2022

Non-institutional alternatives to nursing homes already exist

Description Most Canadians who died of Covid-19 lived in nursing homes. Their deaths renewed calls for nursing-home reform. These institutions are the last resort when home care fails to deliver and family caregivers become overwhelmed. Since infections spread quickly in large institutions, why not replace them with non-profit, community-based alternatives? These have a long track… Read more »

Posted: November 17, 2022

Preventing the institutionalization of people with dementia and Assessing an assisted-living or long-term care institution

Margaret Oldfield

Abstract In a 2021 poll by the National Institute on Aging, 97% of Canadian seniors said they did not want to live in a long-term-care facility (a nursing home). Many long-term-care residents do not need to be in institutions, whose numerous drawbacks were exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are there because they cannot receive… Read more »

Posted: August 5, 2015

Actua-Zorg: Architectuur voor personen met dementie (DUTCH)

Iris Van Steenwinkel

Ingenieur-architect Iris Van Steenwinkel wil de blik op architectuur voor personen met dementie verruimen. De idee dat deze mensen vooral nood hebben aan een nostalgische woning vol met meubels en tierlantijntjes uit vroegere tijden is achterhaald. Kwaliteiten van hedendaagse architectuur, zoals licht en ruimte of de link met buiten, gelden ook en in het bijzonder voor mensen met dementie. Op woensdag 10 juni verdedigde Iris Van Steenwinkel haar doctoraat aan de KU Leuven dat werd opgebouwd rond drie sprekende casestudies. Voor Actua Zorg doet ze haar voornaamste inzichten uit de doeken.

Posted: July 15, 2014

Mary’s Little Worlds

With the case study presented in this article we explore how people with dementia experience and use their environment to expand our understanding of how architectural environments can improve their well-being. We focus on how relationships between people and spaces change for people with dementia. Iris Van Steenwinkel, Chantal Van Audenhove and Ann Heylighen, Mary’s… Read more »

Posted: May 28, 2014

Nature Assisted Health Foundation

Joop Van Hezik

Green environments can play an important role in enhancing the health of human beings. The Nature Assisted Health Foundation (NAHF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to make optimum use of the opportunities that green environments offer to enhance the quality of living.

file_downloadNature Assisted Health Foundation (NAHF)
Posted: May 27, 2014

Designing for dementia

Annie Pollock + Liz Fuggle

By design, we can create environments that will enable rather than disable people with dementia. Indeed, environments that work for people with dementia, work for all of us as well as Annie Pollock and Liz Fuggle explain Pollock A and Fuggle L (2013). Designing for dementia: creating a therapeutic environment. Nursing & Residential Care, 15(6),… Read more »