Gillian Anderson – Introduction to assistive technologies for dementia care

Gillian Anderson is a Senior Technology Coordinator at Alzheimer Scotland and kicked off proceedings with an introduction to assistive technologies for dementia care, plus a look at some of the tech-related projects Alzheimer Scotland is currently working on.

Specifcally, Gillian provided an overview of the recently-launched ‘Purple Alert’ app which is designed to enable family members and carers of people living with dementia to post an alert if someone goes missing. By utilising geo-location services, anyone with the app installed will receive an update if a person is missing in their area, allowing them to feedback with any sightings of the individual. Gillian also talked about the work of ‘Dementia Circle’ which involves people living with dementia in the review of everyday products and considers how accessible and useful these may be to someone with a dementia diagnosis.

Watch a video of Gillian's presentation below.