Andrew Clark: Using arts-based methods to communicate research

Andrew Clark introduced us to creative approaches used in communicating lessons from research undertaken by the ‘Neighbourhoods: our people, our places’ project. His presentation considered the development of co-productive creative methods in the dissemination of findings from the 5-year ESRC/NIHR (ongoing) research study exploring the role of neighbourhood in the lives of people living with dementia and their families.

People living with dementia have been involved throughout the research process from helping in an advisory capacity from the early stages of the research including being part of discussions about research design; as research participants; and to involvement in how key findings are taken forward to impact on wider audiences.

Andrew focused on the development of arts-based methods were developed to help tell the stories emerging from the work, one around the development of a public visual exhibition, the other a collection of graphic comics.

Please watch the video below for Andrew's full presentation