Critical approaches in dementia studies in the pandemic and post-pandemic

Welcome to the first in a series of online panel discussions hosted by the Critical Dementia Network (CDN). Following two workshops in Stockholm and Edinburgh our activities have now moved online. In this session, our Canadian panel – Dr Alisa Grigorovich, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Dr Pia Kontos, University of Toronto, Dr Annette Leibing, University of Montreal, Dr Wendy Hulko, Thomson Rivers University and Dr Sally Chivers, Trent University – discuss critical perspectives on COVID-19 and dementia.

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If you are interested in contributing to a developing critical approach to dementia studies and research, then you are welcome to join the network, we ask you for a picture of yourself and a brief bio – and this can be submitted via the network sign-up page.

We would like to say a big thank you to our panel members for such thought-provoking and critical reflections on the current pandemic and its implications for dementia policy, practice and research.

Our next panel session will be advertised to CDN members after the summer.

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Critical perspectives on COVID-19 and dementia

Dr Alisa Grigorovich, Dr Pia Kontos, Dr Annette Leibing, Dr Wendy Hulko and Dr Sally Chivers discuss critical perspectives on COVID-19 and dementia.