Knowledge exchange and collaboration is at the core of the Memory-Friendly platform.

We grew out of the Memory-Friendly Neighbourhoods (MFN) seminar series, which ran in two phases (2014 and 2016) and was led by Dr Richard Ward (University of Stirling) and Máire Cox (Edinburgh University).

Originally funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII) and supported by a range of partners, MFN has led on to Stirling and Forth Valley Participatory Neighbourhoods, a three-year project backed by the Life Changes Trust which started in September 2017. Most recently, we have teamed up once more with SUII for the launch of a new seminar programme, Shifting Paradigms for Dementia, as we aim is to help make the Scottish National Dementia Strategy a liveable reality.

More details of our activities can be found below.

Critical Dementia Network

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Shifting Paradigms in Dementia

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Memory-Friendly Neighbourhoods

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