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Sabine Henry has been President of la Ligue Alzheimer ASBL (not-for-profit Alzheimer League), since October 1996 and is currently also President of Belgium’s national association, la Ligue Nationale Alzheimer Liga. Based in Wallonia and Brussels, La Ligue Alzheimer ASBL is a source of information and support for people facing, involved, or interested in Alzheimer's or other dementias. Often working collaboratively with partners, it runs support groups, telephone services, an Alzheimer Café and the Ville Amie Démence (Dementia Friendly City) programme. The aim of Ville Amie Démence is to make Alzheimer's, and other dementias, approachable, accessible and acceptable in the heart of municipalities and cities. The programme is modelled, in part, on the German city of Arnsberg’s Lern-Werkstadt Demenz (Learning Workshop on dementia).